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bundled your home insurance and your auto insurance

bundled your home insurance and your auto insurance

Does Your Current Insurance Provide the Protection You Need?

When was the last time you reviewed your home and auto insurance? A year ago, two years ago, maybe more? The Insurance Information Institute recommends reviewing your insurance policies at least once a year. This is because things change all the time, and if your insurance doesn’t change with these new demands, you may not have full protection for you and your family.

Here’s a look at several reasons why it’s important to make sure your current insurance provides the protection you need.

Life Changes

There are many life events — such as getting married, getting divorced, buying a new home, getting a new job, selling your car, your children getting their driver's licenses, your children going to college and your children moving out — that directly affect your home and/or auto insurance coverage. Without discussing these changes with your insurance broker, you may miss out on special discounts, such as the good student discount, that you don’t even know about.

Home Improvements

Most home improvement projects add value to your home, but if you don’t update your homeowners insurance policy, you won't have the full protection you need. You want to make sure you inform your insurance provider of any improvements made to your home. Some improvements, such as a new heating or plumbing system or the installation of a home security system may save you money on your homeowners insurance.

Additional Assets

You may think that everything in your home is covered under your current homeowners insurance policy, but this may not be the case. When you first purchased your homeowner policy, you put a value on the personal belongings in your home. There's a good chance that the total value of your personal belongings has increased over the years. Perhaps you purchased more electronics, expensive artwork or jewelry or you inherited a valuable family heirloom.

It is vital that you increase your home insurance protection to account for these additional assets. Otherwise, you will miss out on the full protection you deserve if a tragedy were to occur. A professional insurance broker can work with you to help you put an accurate value on your personal belongings and update your policy as needed.

Shop Around for Best Rates

As your insurance needs change, you may find that a different insurance carrier offers better rates and is better able to handle your emerging needs. It is best to work with an experienced insurance broker who can shop around on your behalf to find you the best insurance policies to meet your need for the best price.

If you have not bundled your home insurance and your auto insurance, now may be the time. Most insurance carriers offer special discounts for clients who purchase both home and auto insurance protection through them. In most cases, bundling helps people save money on their insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance broker to find out if bundling your insurance policies is the best option for your specific situation.

Unfortunately, many families find out too late that they don’t have the full insurance they need, or they spend years paying more for insurance protection they no longer need. You can avoid these issues by contacting Su Casa Valley Insurance Services today. As a trusted insurance brokerage agency with years of experience, our team will make sure your family has the protection it needs for the best price available.