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What to Expect After Reporting a Burglary to My Insurance Company

What to Expect After Reporting a Burglary to My Insurance Company

If you've ever come home to a house that has been ransacked, you know it's terrifying. When it happened to us, we didn't know what to do. Out of instinct, I grabbed my kids and ran back out of the house. In case it ever happens to you, this guide walks you through the steps I took next to ensure that I could keep my family safe and have any missing items replaced as quickly as possible.

I Called the Police Right Away

There was no way of knowing if the person who had broken into my house was still inside or not and I wasn't willing to risk the life of my family to find out. I called my local police department right away and let them know that someone had broken into my house, and I wasn't sure if they were still inside. Within a matter of minutes, the police were at my house. They made sure the premises were clear and then allowed me to make a report. The person left nothing behind to show who they were and there was no one in the neighborhood who saw anything suspicious.

I Had to Document What Was Missing

The police had me walk through the house with them to document the things I could tell were missing right away. I did not have to look through every closet, cabinet and drawer right then. They simply wanted me to list electronics, jewelry and money that I could see was missing. I was then able to go through my house and determine what other items were missing in the house over the course of the next few days.

I Contacted My Insurance Company

I contacted my insurance company as soon as the police left my home. I let them know what had happened and had to go the next day to get a copy of the police report so that I could submit it to them. They wanted me to go through the house and create a detailed list of everything that was missing. They also asked me to gather anything I had that proved that I owned the items. I had receipts, pictures of the items in my house and warranty information for the electronics that were missing.

I Met With an Insurance Adjuster

An insurance adjuster came to my house over the course of the next few days to go over everything that was missing and the evidence I had for the value of the items. He took the information with him and was able to tell me what he determined the value of the items to be. The company cut me a check for that value and then the adjuster brought it to my home.

I Bought a Security System

I was able to deposit the check into my bank account that day and start replacing some of the items that had been stolen. I decided to get a security system on my home because I was afraid of the person coming back again to steal more things or hurt my family. Once I got the security system, I let the insurance company know and it helped to reduce my homeowner’s insurance costs and made my family feel more secure.

SuCasa Valley Insurance helped me to regain control over my life in Visalia right away. The adjuster they sent to the house was very considerate of the terrible experience we had been through and was able to give us peace of mind that we would be able to start to rebuild our lives in a very short period of time. Through their personal property coverage on their homeowner's policy, I was able to replace the things that had been stolen.